[Devel] OBM 3.1

Bán Miklós banm at vocs.unideb.hu
Sun Jan 6 00:02:31 CET 2019


felkerült a lecserélt git repo. Alább a commit üzenet, ami nem jött a 
listára, mert még nem állítottam be az email hook-ot.

Valójában azt hiszem, hogy OBM 3.1-nek kéne innentől nevezni...

üdv, Miki

     New, clean OBM 3.0 prepared to publish on gitlab

     The vocs.unideb.hu git site has been changed. The old repo moved to

     This is a completely new git repo and this will be published in

     The structure a slightly changed. The root web application has been
     moved into the root-site directory which resulted a much cleaner root
     directory for this git repo.

     Other changes: supervisor uses a new global variable which should be
     defined in /etc/openbiomaps/system_vars.php.inc: OBM_ROOT_SITE. The
     value of this variable is the path of root-web application's path.
     In production environment it is might be the same as the OBM_ROOT,
     but in development environment it a subdirectory within it.

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